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A Minimalistic Book list for Civil services Exams

 - Compiled with care to ensure quality of content and relevancy to the syllabus.
- Quick-links provided: to read reviews, know the best price and buy it on Amazon. 

-  A quick tip: If it's a book without colorful diagrams, and you have a Kindle device, get Kindle books. 
- Another quick tip : Though some people may prefer to buy entire set of books recommended by various sources on one go, we would like to suggest that you start small. A big stalk of brand new books waiting to be studied might scare you out, if you are still in the newbie phase of civil services preparations.

I. All -Rounders - These are the basics, the foundations and the linking chains.


Make no hurry.

A new book read is a new friend made.Read it deeply. Revise often

1. A Globe - A simple and cheap one will do as fine as a professional and classy one. Get one, look up the countries and the seas, visualize geographical phenomena, trace ancient sea- routes
Get now for the best price

2.An Atlas - If you are buying the Oxford School Atlas, forget not to check out the interactive CD that comes free.
Get now for the best price    

3. A civil services Manual - Everything in the syllabus in one big book, not to mention hundreds of practice questions for each topic.  McGraw Hill GS Paper 1 For CS Prelims is a good one.

India 2016 -  The official year book of Government of India. 


1.History of Modern India by Bipan Chandra

2.India's Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra
3.India After Gandhi by  Ramachandra Guha  
4. Books by Romila Thapar :  They are superbly engaging, imaginative and rich with knowledge. Pick one or all, as it suits your time and energy. Here, this one might be good book to begin with:

The Penguin History of Early India: From the Origins to AD 1300

III. Geography

1.Certificate Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong  : A small book with lots of illustrations that'll help you understand concepts better. It is a higher secondary level book, yet, a good read for everyone for revising basic geography. 

Get Now

2.Geography of India by Majid Husain

Get Now

IV. Economics

  Choose the right things to follow, and  you'll find you need not have a commerce degree to love this subject

 1. Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

2. Fault Line: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy by Raghuram Rajan
A wonderful book written by our Reserve Bank's governor, renowned economist Dr. Raghuram Rajan. It will give you an analysis of global economic slowdowns of past, and  general vision of current macroeconomic scenario. Get now.

V. Polity 

1.Indian Polity  by M. Laxmikanth - Concisely written book, recommended by civil services toppers and guides alike, a sure fetcher of marks. Order a copy now.

VI. Unofficial Must-Reads     

1. The Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen - Amarthya Sen's essays on where India stands in the world and how it's diverse culture has evolved over time, and, in relation to other cultures. Tagore, Mughals, The West, Gandhi, China, Class, Gender, Scientific development and defence... He has left no stones unturned. Take a look.

2. Freedom at Midnight by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins - A gripping tale of India's independence. The political intrigue, Mountbattens, Nehru, Maharajas, Churchil ,Gandhiji and The Partition... No spoilers, read it for yourself & see if you do not get curious to know more. Here..

3. Guns, Germs And Steel by Jared Diamond - How did it 'all' begin? When did first humans decide to shift to agriculture? How geography shaped the economies? Why industrial revolution started in Europe? What made Europeans colonisers and us the colonies, not the other way around.....? A very very interesting read. Get it now

4. Magazines : Yojana, Kurukshetra - for government's schemes, their analysis etc,

Economic and Political Weekly - Articles on current affairs from economic/social/political perspectives.

5. Websites: 
  Wikipedia - for every topic you want information on  Quora - for every questions you want answers for.
  Vikaspedia - information guide by Government of India
  Arthapedia-  A portal for understanding Indian Economy - A reliable guide for civil services preparation, great articles on economy, polity, ethics and more.
 gktoday - Current affairs articles subject-wise, tailored for competitive exams with brief background information for important terms. - Read contemporary articles by historian Ramachandra Guha on his website. 

Happy Learning!


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