Sunday, 31 January 2016

Mapboard for Civil Services: Prelims 2015 through Mapboard

Hullo there!

Launching a new series of maps. Here, we analyze previous year UPSC civil services Prelims question papers through maps. Hope you will find it useful.

How this series is going to unfold?

- Identifying map-based questions.
- Identifying sub-questions
- Drawing a map of each sub-question, if necessary
-Posting it under 'Prelims through Mapboard'

Because questions asked in UPSC civil services Prelims are interesting! So, mapping them would be fun.
And also:
Because we have observed that map-based questions are very important for Prelims. In Prelims 2015 at least 14 geography questions were asked. And all of them can be represented in maps. So, why not?
And if you go through some four sets of previous year question papers, you might see that the questions aren't that unpredictable as a beginner would fear. So, we hope to identify the predictability.
Also, these are going to be really really informative. Something you might not find anywhere else. Something that might make you desirous of drawing more maps yourself.

It would be our pleasure to hear what do you think of it all.
And if you have made some maps, and think that it has a potential to be helpful for other learners,
we would be very obliged, if you send them to us  :

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Android Apps for Civil Services

Smart phones are tricky tools to use, when it comes to serious studies. Though with all social media notifications and endless possibility for easy entertainment they can become the major source of distraction, if you use them wisely, they have potential to make your studies smart and time-efficient.

The smart way of using your Android devices : For students and Civil services aspirants

1. Stay largely offline
2. Schedule the time you'll go online : Like, if you plan to spend half an hour following up the topics you studied on some trusted sites ( with reliable information and less ads),  stick to it. Don't do some random Google search or visit a new website in that time.

Now, here's a list for you: