Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Android Apps for Civil Services

Smart phones are tricky tools to use, when it comes to serious studies. Though with all social media notifications and endless possibility for easy entertainment they can become the major source of distraction, if you use them wisely, they have potential to make your studies smart and time-efficient.

The smart way of using your Android devices : For students and Civil services aspirants

1. Stay largely offline
2. Schedule the time you'll go online : Like, if you plan to spend half an hour following up the topics you studied on some trusted sites ( with reliable information and less ads),  stick to it. Don't do some random Google search or visit a new website in that time.

Now, here's a list for you:

Android Apps for Civil Services Exam Preparations

1. English Dictionary - Offline : Offline, free and  ad-free
2. Offline Thesaurus : To learn new words, to refer to when you are writing an essay and struggling to find fitting words
3.UPSC CSE Past Question Papers : Again, offline, free and ad-free.  Past prelims questions sorted subject-wise.
4. Civil Services Prelims Papers : Prelims Papers sorted by years.
5. Aptitude and Logical Reasoning : Hundreds of aptitude, reasoning and  English vocabulary questions stalked in a very organized way. Helpful hints and maths formulas are provided.
6. Indian Constitution : Indian constitution  in a very neat interface.
Wikipedia : You can save articles for offline reading within the app.
8.  World Factbook or World Atlas : Countries, capitals, economies and other details. When you read 'Syria' and can't remember where is it located or what's it capital, you will be thankful for this app on your phones. These apps too work offline.
9. Mapboard Lite : Of course, it's our own. One and only app on Google Play that lets you practice, draw and save maps on your Androids,that too offline. It also has some clever note taking capabilities. To know more, read : Why maps? Why Mapboard?
10. Noted! : The perfect notes app for civil services
Make category-wise, searchable notes in a jiffy with our new app 'Noted!' You'll have many pleasant surprises : like, the 18 intuitive categories listed in the app , the app's usefulness while saving terms for looking up later, the way you can pick a term you saved earlier, and search for more info on it, on Google with a single touch etc. Also, you can take print-outs of your entire notes or of notes by category, as and when you desire, once it is saved as a text file. No, you can't do it with Evernote. That's why we came up with this one.

That's all for now. If we discover something new and useful, we'll sure update this article for you. Also, we have got some excellent ideas for our future apps, too. So, keep coming back. Or follow us on Google +, or like the Mapboard page on facebook.

Have you gone through our list of some very useful books and websites for civil services preparations? If not, read them here.                  


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