Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Why Mapboard? Why Maps?

Why maps?

Maps and globes are the crucial tools for studying geography and other social sciences. Maps are more versatile because they are portable, can be easily replicated and customized.
They help us to visualize, memorize and connect with our studies better.

Why draw them?

You may have a hundred maps in atlases and your books (or your devices). But one map drawn works a hundred times better than one you refer casually. When it come to inspiring curiosity and enhancing your learning experience, their effects are nothing short of miraculous.  Let's say you are studying the Revolt of 1857 in India. When you just read Lucknow, Kanpur, Awadh, Jhansi, Arrah, they'd be some names. But, when you mark them on a blank map of India, you'll get curious and new questions with many a 'why' and 'how' will arise. And answers to them would be truly enlightening.
Also, drawing maps yourself is a tried and tested method for memorizing your subject matters better.

Why Mapboard?

1. Because your old map drawing book had to take a new form, keeping up with modern trends!

2.This way you'll always have it with you, on your phone or tablet. Map them down whenever you want.

3.You need not have to take print outs of blank maps for practicing. Mapboard lite has 8 blank maps, with some natural features marked. Draw as many times you want.

4. You can save maps to your device, share them with friends and upload them to cloud storage or to  other apps you use for studies.

5.It is simple, easy to use and has a beautiful interface.

6. It has a Notebook with search and google search features. You can build a custom directory of key-terms out of it. And it has four eye-friendly themes for a peaceful reading experience.

7. It is here for a cause. A cause and a vision of a prosperous India in a peaceful world. It is the first app in the Happy Learning Series of android apps by Boundless. It is a step towards holistic learning experience for everyone, in which, we believe, lies the key for the future world's happiness. It's a small step. Still, it's a step taken, all the same.
 So, learn with Mapboard and join our cause. Tell us if there is anything we can do for you to make Mapboard a more fulfilling experience.

Get on board, now!

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