Thursday, 28 April 2016

Mapboard lite milestone 1 : Reached 1000 downloads

Thank you, everyone.

Mapboard lite : the map drawing app has got 1000 downloads on Google Play!
And our new Noted! the notes app, has started out well, too.

Mapboard is our first app, and we never were biggies in the field. We never had resources to promote it, either. All the same, here we are : We survived the initial sluggish rate( nearly zero) of downloads on Google Play, and in 4 months we were able to reach at least 1000 out of a million possible users who might benefit from our app. That gives us a tiny sense of success...

 We are extremely happy that you people are finding Mapboard lite useful. Our team is grateful to you all for your encouragement and support. ( And we regret that we couldn't provide more updates in the past few months. Small developers... Ideas, passion, enthusiasm are the stuff we have in plenty, but money and time are not. )

Let the joy of learning prevail. Cheers!!!

Good day to all.


Scholastic Appster

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