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Here you'll find some sample maps made with Mapboard . Hope these will give you some ideas for setting up a map based study planinspire you to draw more, and, there by learn more. You might find them informative, too. 
Keep coming back to Maps Gallery, because you might find an interesting new map the next time you decide to have a look again.

Do you want to know why we consider making maps by oneself is a wonderful practice? You may like to read this : Why Maps...?

And tell us please, if you find any difficulty in making maps similar to these, or  in marking places, drawing rectangles, adding labels, saving or sharing the maps. We would love to help you in making learning a happier experience for you.

Troubles in West Asia

Saudi - Iran Diplomatic Crisis

Rivers of India

India's Neighbors

West Asia

History: After the Revolt

Prelims 2015 : National Parks and Historical sites
Source : InsightsofIndia, Wikipedia, Google maps

Iron (Fe), Aluminium (Al)( Bauxite), Copper (Cu) and Mica mines
Source: NCERT  Chapter on Mineral and energy resources, Google maps

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