Noted! for Android : Quick Notes App for Civil Services

We know. Your journey on Mission Mussourie  involves studying a wide variety of topics,  simultaneously keeping track of interconnections between a number of subjects you study, hunting for more resources, reading and rereading them to gain conceptual clarity and of course making notes. Boundless has a note making app for you. We are sure, you will be pleasantly surprised by it's utility for your studies.

Well, there is no dearth for note-making apps on Android market. Apps like Evernote and Onenote are pretty awesome letting you to copy and save whole webpages with photos, ability to synchronize notes between devices etc.  Still, Noted! is here to nicely complement your studies. For one thing, it is tailored for you, to make your mission much simpler and hassle-free process.

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Noted! has a fairly simple user interface. So, we believe you won't have any difficulty in discovering it's utility and features. In case you would like to learn more about Noted!  take a look at this visual guide for getting the best out of this unique app.

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